Friday, May 23, 2014

Nixon Surf challenger.Russia

We had an amazing time in Russia.
Not even the 18 000 bears what enough to make the group afraid of camping.hehe
Think Nixon has this particular crew that make every where we are a good time too.
This first two shots is the vibe of Alioti who won the overall and myself.
He was flying and i was trying to get speed on a 3 degrees water.
He boosted this in front of me and my arms could not stay quite.

In other hand i had this fun little barrel that day.Off shore and fun.
Thanks Nixon and let s see what next year bring to us.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mar sem fim Açores at Surfportugal

Azores is been one of my favorite destination.
I am really happy to be invited from Mar sem fim by João de Macedo do this new destination on big surf.
We got there not knowing anyone and now i am so happy when i see a swell on the map and i know i will be hanging with Garoupinha, Marco and our own continental crew.
Something that really made me stoked is surf for my first time a wave.
Every time a surf a wave that i never surfed before i have this feeling when i was starting surf.
This is Surfportugal article in portuguese.
Big thanks to all that had been help us there.
Local state , friends and locals.