Sunday, January 7, 2018

Nazaré starting the 2018 year

I got the 5 hours down south to Nazaré from Bastiagueiro beach where i live at La Coruña for a sucecive run of swell.
I´ve been working with Joao de Macedo on his training to the Nazaré challenge paddling contest, that is a stop of the big wave world tour . I had on big day working with 2 times xxl winner Sebastian Steudtner and now i start to work with all time top big wave women Maya Gabeira.
When i say work , is most of the time i don-t surf , i just drive the ski for rescu and positioning Joao on paddling days( max 60feet faces) and choosing waves, putting on it and rescue on giant days (seb and Maya), over 60 feet.
 following arcticles about all this days .


Joao´s top bomb at my youtube channel: