Friday, January 16, 2015

the traditional Ho´s family

Coruña paddling spot

I was cruising check the new área i am living by Santa Cristina, Coruña and from that side i saw a long left.went all the way to the other side and could check behind Coruña harbor the wave and saw this one from there.
Really close to the rocks on first view, but think bigger oil be better will be.Did not get many waves.And the ones i got wasn´t the 2 big set that came trought like this one.
Hope have the chance to surf it more often and make a really intense take off.
Always needing company on this days in Galicia.
Or a jetski rescue to push a bit more the limtis and have this back up just there.
Article with more potos at  :

Monday, January 12, 2015

new sponsor Rvca The balance of opposites

Very happy to have a new deal with Rvca.
This is a copules shorts from my first surf trip with than as a sponsor.
For sure, Billabong adventure crew behind, is always a push to surf good waves.
Hope we have more and more good session as this one at Galicia, death coast.

La nord contest

This year contest was a bit bellos my expectation.
As last year we had such a good sand bank with proper barreos.
The fat 8 feet waves this year did make me dream.
think that should be judging more performance that big wave kind.

hope next year we will have big barreos again!