Saturday, July 7, 2012

Viana do Castelo surf.north of Portugal

I´ve been hang with my family at the step parents house.
We been doing this almost every summer.
Nice house by the tow of Caminha.
the view is Tecla montain on Spain and the border river Minho.
Calm place, with good sand beach banks and short crew of addict surfers.
Water is always cold, as Portugal does´t get the gulf stream as France....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Friend of mine Saraiva, who lives at Niterói, the next big city after the bridge from Rio city and a dive lover, was here visiting Europe.
We came from Hossegor,France where he was at Patrick Beven´s house a common friend.

We did a couple long briefs to start and that change already my static time of apnea.And after that we did dynamic swim apnea..

finishing by static again..
Get a way better time , but more than that i feel way more comfortable under the water.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Surfing at Afife..

Snapback with new 6,1..

Not a beach in Europe, that i know gets more swell than here..just need a good sandbank..

Wife getting some footage..soon at

with Fabiano a friend that has a sick surfshop at Viana do Castelo, the big tow closer..

Uma, baby surf...sup time!

Old people checking my old knees working..

This chicks came by and went down the beach for a dance...

hahahah, not s from ¨tigress do funk on youtbe,hahhahahha