Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Scotland:honeymoon and slab surf

My honeymoon days looks like a cream hair feedbacks session betwin my bro that came with us here,Adrien Toyon. Him and my wife are all day talking about their hair. We got him at Edinburg and after drive 6 hours at this bad Scotish road we arrived at Thurso. Next morning Adrien made his heat and at the afternoon we went check this spot that my friend Andrew Cotton told me. Probily was a secret spot,but after a couple minutes checking many many guys came to chcek,so is more a new spot than a secret now. Adrien was tired and he shoted this photo with a normal camera from the rocks.but you could see how close from the rocks is. Hope we make as many heats we can and with a big swell coming for the weekend,maybe anouther slab in mind!!!

Portuguese barrel at Waves Website