Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nixon surf challenge


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Think this trip just solidify my good mood lately.
I need start to talk about the trip in Ericeira, a week before when I was giving surfing lessons for Icon Ericeira BJJ and surfcamp.
The main guy who organize that is a long time friend, 5*blackbelt Ze Marcello.
Not only was a pleasure see him and his family that I was always with in Ericeira, but must of the persons that I know there and are my family nowadays. Tiago Oliveira, Diko Pires family, Vinicius's family, and so many others names that I could write a roman here.. Luis, Miguel's, Ze..
And one more, my old friend from the world tour trip for years, Joao Gutemberg 's family.
Thanks Laura to come too and to always been helping me .
So, the last day of that I need quite the camp to go home see my kids , give 2 lessons on my surf school at Sabon ,before take the plan to China.
My way up with a full car of stuffs.New epoxy boards from Jobsite to my competitions students and a Pwc at the back wasn't a best trip ever.
Even more, master wife birthday was during the barbecue ..
Every bad mood went away when I got to my ex wife house and mother of my 2 beautiful kids with a nice welcome.
She lend this book for the trip that changed my way to see things.
Doctor Eben Alexander' s book, talk about how was he science view of life and than his new spiritual experience.
I always believe in God and more than ever now. And for sure, my  way to see things with my ex wife changed a lot. 
Will love her the rest of my days.
Been his couple or not.
And will try my best to see her happy and our happiness be the main education to our lovely kids.
This is was the mood I arrived I Haynan.
35/40 degrees tropical touristic place that received us as good as any other place the Nixon surf challenge went before. 
Little extra thanks to Oz Wade and Italian Nick for the amazing reception.
Group was all years must of new friends travelers.
Gony Zubizarreta, Marlon Lipke, Jhonatan Gozales, Kepa Acero,willy Alioti, Gaspard,  Duvignac , old friend Henning, Laurel..
More in the crew.. Fred Begou, ben, Oporto filmmaker Gustavo, Bonnarme ..
We stayed on this amazing hotel full of the best discos around and a city that welcomes you with all kind o topical chinese ( and unforgettable food and culture).
Couples memories from the trip , for me, will be all time Gony's( followed from Kepa, Jhony , marlin and myself) old stories.
We know each other's for many years now and every time we did the 1,5 way to go surf further north at this fun beach break that the owner give us a opportunity to surf( 6 billion dollars new touristic zone call clear water. Not that clear as beaches and icean in China are beautiful but full of plastic and rubbish ), we always remembered this old details of our carriers.
Henning's last speech was just amazing.
Not only he gave the trophies for "I rocked China( guy who must surf, party, challenge himself in China, but I think, giving good mood for everyone): Myself
Best trick( an giant almost full rotation that anyone on the ocean screaming after and applauded) :  Duvignac
Overall best surfer : Jhonatan Gonzales

He start the speech saying how important was for Nixon support our personal projects ( Gony an Marlon new accessory company Jam, Jhonatan shop at Las Americas and my new surf academy at Sabon beach Arteixo)
Must of the people's don't know how much stress is move from pro surfer to have an other business plan.
We all still sponsorize and I could talk in my case, even think my carrier after next winter, will jump more than ever. But the weight of need to always give back to sponsors for a future contract , for sure is more and more impacting with age.
Something like Nixon ambassador Henning said, was just urge best thing we heard from a sponsor in our carrier and I know we will always have Nixon on a Top spot on our carrier and heart.
Crazy story:
Chinese don't go to much in the water cause old legend says the dragons make the waves Face de dragão🐉Onda do marOnda do mar
Can wait to go back ( on the flight back now), and pass all this motivation to my kids, my ex-wife, students and friends and be always trying my best to see everyone happy on my side.