Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The new prince of Portugal

Frederico Morais is the new up coming surfer of Europe and more , from Portugal.
After many years without Tiago Pires on the top game.
Now is thr turn of this kid.
Behind him a strong brand ( Billabong) and a fromer top surfer as a coach, Richard Marsh.
I ask some thing about for Richard right after his qalification.
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Lives in Anglet
Hey mate! Congratulation for the qualification of Kikas!!! Could you answer me one queston? i would like to post something and your job is really important cause is what i work on it in Galicia and is really good father know that! Just one question in fact, cause when you just start to work with kikas you guys smash his first Hawaian season. one year i did really follow and this one was almost a noqualification and you guys went to Hawaii on a mission. could you just have one tip on how deal with this pression? thanks a lot! Hope family is good good good! my kids are all time! Merci Eric
hi eric. hope your well its not about the one event or even a season it's more about over all improvements 1/ areas that are lacking and need work 2/ improving the already solid areas. this helps you tp high light events/condition that suit your surfer. we knew fred's surfing is suited to pushy waves so we had to focus on that point while improving the rest.. cheers dog.
Haha i always says that to the kids. Keep solid what you have . And let's work the rest. Cheers bro Thanks

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Spirman surfing

I was on my kids birthday december 17 th and my partnaire Sebastian Steudtner start to say waves will be big.
I dress up on my kids birthday on spiderman and he was all stocked.
Had the dress on my car and end up bring outside .
Got a couple swaves with the dress and now my kid has a poster of spiderman surfing on his roon.
Could be a more happier father.