Sunday, December 17, 2017

the big wave exploration

Living in Galicia not always i have the opportunity to surf all the waves that i want cause not many expirience driver and surfers to be outside at the wild ocean.
Most of the time without support as ambulance or any other lifeguards in case of big accidents.

when surfers like Ross-clarck Jones , Sylvio Mancusi ( and Sylvio´s wife Bia and kid Ben, Marcelo and Marco Tulio Cameras,Ross girlfriend Ella with Lino Bogalho),  come for a visit i try to surf the most of it.
We start at Coruña, but winds did not got as good as we expected.

My student Juan Fernandez had a really good wave this day.

Sylvio, Marcelo, Eric (right to left)

Sylvio and me 

Lino,Ella,Ross and Eric ( left to rgiht)

Galicia views
Bay of Coruña, Orzan, with Hercule´s tower at the back,.. the oldest light house that still working. Romain empire constructers were not that bad hehe
Juan Fernandez and the opportunity to get all the masters experiences.

Same day they arrive i was at the biggest local jornal from Galicia talking about my life, how i got at Oleiros, Galicia , Big surf and the new business ( Cafeteria Bastiagueiro at Facebook and at Instagram).
La voz de Galicia

we did move up north for the second part of the swell.

 La voz de Galicia

 El Progreso

Frame by Marcelo at the Burela´s slab

The last day of the trip  Ross left with his crew to surf Nazaré.
I had stay with Sylvio behind and we had a try to this spot that was surfed by legend Basque surfer Ibon Amatrian back in the days.
Harbor was close and we do say big thanks to Burela´s captain that left us go throught.
Might say that they saw us surfing the slab one they before and already new us .
Local Oscar, from Coge3, help us a lot too and is always good to have local support.

El Progeso jornal

La voz de Galicia jornal

to finish the big expedition the inauguration of Cafeteria Bastiagueiro, the first part of aftersurf project was a big sucess..

Monday, December 4, 2017

Galicia Champ 2017

It is a mixing of feelings to compete.
Sure all this local scontests are not really my goal to my professioanl carrier but i was talking to my student Martin Cortijo about this during our way to last weekend Galicia championchip at Razo that how important is guys like Miguel Perez ( miniwilson on instagram), Juan Fernandez,Milo Castelo and others still competing like me
The level goes up and the ones who will get this knowledges of more level are kids like Manuel Fernandez Or sebastian( two under 14 kids who are ripping fromGalici).
About this contest, i won my category (master up 35) and open.
Really enjoy the fact my student Juan Feranandez that is improuving his surf and posting more and more good scores.
With the spanish title this year i am both Galicia and spanish champ on title.
Opening my new surfschool and club in Galicia.
This is good for peoples know me here and make sure to come learn surf from a pro-surfer view of the ocean.
Thanks all the comunity here to open the doors to me.
Special thanks for the Fernandez´s family from Oleiros.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Discovering Galicia

Saw this swell a bit longger ago.
I was going to the edp Mar sem Fim awards at Lisboa and i saw Joao Guedes there ( biggest wave champ for this event )

Asked good friend Joao Guedes to come up and with an "yes"  the partner logistic was done.
My personal logistic was crazy.
Had the other of my kids traveling, saw i need get friends to take care of the kids (my student and surfer who did got a nice one Juan Fernandez´s mother helped with that).

jet ski that my good friend , the doctor Javier Cerqueiro, lend to me, wasn´t working for a while.
So, many difficults aspect on this side as batery...
And a rope inside the turbine right when we went to the water.
The plan was a couples waves at the "la toxica" , but was to big and we end up surfing this new big wave, without a name, really lose to the harbor of Portiño, Coruña.
I did a try at Aguarium Finisterrea wave and was a bit to crazy.
The wave doubles up a lot and with a side wind that start to blow to the face, made thing more dificult.
Not counting a couples feets clsoe rocks .
in the end was a great day.
Just to finish, the next day i checked all start plugs and was all bad.
Not sure how the pwc was keeping running.
Need a new one for sure.
Hope sponsor will come up soon for this side!

Any infos about this project goes to filmaker,photographer and now the project director :
Remi Berther : 0034 606759493

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Profesor

Nice interview for the Galician Tv.
Talking about how to become a surfer..
My objetives for my last winter.
It is in spanish..
Hope you all get it!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Official decision has taken.
The 17/18 season is my last one as a pro surfer.
I will dedicate my time to my kids and surf business .
I have too many thanks to say and i hope you that i might forget , please, let me know.. i want to remember you all!

Big thaks for my all time sponsor Nixon.
Patrick Beven an family who was the first one that open the doors in France for me, back in the days.
Old crew, Miky,Tuiago,Fredo,Boris,Laurent,Che,Daz,De Sonis,Marie,Gilles Darques..Michel Bourez, Jeremy Flores, Vincent Kardazik, Greg Puget, Jan Holzer, Gibus,...
Encabeça Geral Old friends Joao GUtemberg, Leo Neves, Raoni Monteiro.. with many others Brazilians..Bruno Satnos,Treko,Yuri Sodré,Jonny Lopes,Maira,Kleber Pires,Gabriel O Pensador,Adriano De Souza, Ricardo MArtins..
Kanabeach boys..Steeve, jonkete..
Galera de Arraial do cabo, Saquarema..
Henrique, Rogerio,Marquinho,Luciano,Gordao..Matheus..
My cousins..special Americo who train me for many years and Mauricio who had been surf a lot with me.
new crew..Lacomare, Duru, Alain, Nik, Gony,Marlon,Jonatan,Jose Maria Cabrera,steudtner...
Photografer Alex Laurel. Casenave, Narbé,Timo,Chauché,Gines Días.Jose Vincente,Cedric Barros,Pedro Mestre,..
Surfsession,Tripsurf, surfeurope,SurfPortugal,360,Carve,Magicseaweed, surfline, Waves..
Friends not easy to write all names..
Thanks François Liets and Sancho..Henning my boy! YOu rock!Always advising..
My father cause of him i had follow my dreams..
Old surfboard sponsor Udo Bastos..Rob Vaughan new big wave boards desings
Get tell thanks to my ex wife, even not togheter i know many business direction is about what happen with us..
Portugal crew are too many too..
Diko,Fortes,Padrinho ( Jobsitesurfboards), Botelho, Sao Juliao locals, Ze Luis, Oliveira,..
Canarias Manolo Lezcano´s family, Markito, Jose,Gilmar, Los bugueros de la izquierda..y quemao, Dani Cutre, Markito, Juan Moro,Irga ..
I will try to post some amazing carrier moments till next year and you all invited to the retirement party the 13 of march 2018 at Bastiagueiro, Coruña, Galicia.
A good documentaire movie will be playing on that..

Thanks God you really did it and made and keep delivering an amazing life!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Mercedez-bens clip with Sebastian Steudtner

A film by Alex Laurel with myself driving the ski.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

XXL awards

Check Sebastian Steudtner entry at the next WSL award.
Full info at :

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Maroc Surfing mission

Missions starts always at the same spot .
Nazare... where is the biggest and where I always meet Sebastián Steudtner to decide what to do..
One more time swell was big but with lots of wind on it..
Those one who has surf Nazare knows how dangerous is on clean days.. when is storm is just a no go..
We booked the flights to follow the swell down south to Maroc invited by local Jerome  and his partner Axi .
The same day of the flight we did a last check and a strong storm was hitting Bazsre and confirm the no go .
Arrived at Marrakech we have a person to pick us up , what is really good on this country with such a cultural difference and language.
Arrived for dinner the call was 3:15 am..
I tripped out..
And start to know the unbreakable Jerome.
Harbor and big logistic with 10 cars, 8 pwc and 2 boats..
We arrived at the spot around 9 after a 2 hours ocean drive and waves were cracking.
But the boards weren't there cause the fish boat was way slow than us..
Arrived and we all surfer.
Seb and myself just had a couple ones and seb got sick .
I stay all day doing rescues and the highlight of it was Bastienbonnarme pwc that stopped right under a set.
He got smashed and I could got him right the way as the ski could reach him on time before the wave behind reach me ., for sure a old propeller .
Back to the hotel on a full day mission , legend Ross Clark jones was going back to Marrakech to his girlfriend and seb decided to go as he was sick.
Jerome let us stay at his beautiful place surround by nature and animals.
I was ok but decided to stay with seb and kiss a crazy session at this perfect battling left that for sure I want to comeback surf it.
At town I went visit the city and was a great experience .
Snakes, monkeys, peoples every where asking every thing like medium age style.
Stocked to have FarasMohsmed with me.
Could easy got lost on those giant couloir ..
Will be back for sure!! 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Azores with Mar sem fim

 Very solid swell showed on the map.
> Talk to Sebastián Steudtner on what he was thinking about it and he was keen to surf it.
> Got a flight from my actually home, Galicia to  Lisboa.
> Seb picked me up at the airport , we dinner some really tasting Portuguese food at  Nazare ( we had one salmon cheese " empañado"  and I had squid as second plate. This is just to remind my iwnsrlf on the future).
> Same night I checked the forecast and as wind changed to the northwest direction we decided to go to Azores.
> This project, "Mar sem fim" start 3 years ago by surfer Joao de Macedo.
> I contact project director Mario Almeida and he right the way found space to us join the trip on the side of Antonio Silva, Joao Guedes , Macedo and Alex Botelho.
> We had and amazing reception by locals with a big thanks to the bombeiros da Ribeiro Grande ( lifeguards). They organized pwc, accommodation( inside their own head quarter ) and boat.
> Day of action started early with a fast breakfast at the gas station.
> We all met up for a wave check and was a solid 25 feet.
> As the weather was a bit rainy we took a bit long time at the harbor in preparation.
> Maybe the biggest waves were gone alone by that time.
> But weather got way better. 
> We tow some solid ones and tide start to fill up.
> All got paddle boards ( a bit a mistake , cause some empty impossible paddling take of pass by alone.
> I went back to the rope and to late .. 
> by that time Antonio Silva saw a shark fin right where I was floating on my board I I really didn't like that feeling.
> moved in the water on a long ride pwc way to the coast to the left spot.
> Saw some amazing caves on the way..
> Some solid barrels was ride on this one.all tow in.
> I didn't get any as my grind Alex Botelho has a bad wipeout ( he and Macedo got the biggest one of the day and he needed to straight out and the whole thing landed in him).
> List board and almost conscience .
> Had done oxigene and after a while was still feeling bad , we all moved to the harbor.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday forecast 2

This single map resume a lot what will happen the whole week.
Good winds almost all over Europe.
Any place from Ireland to down to Portugal will be on good wind sessions and swell , hittin g bigger up north as usual.
France with good banks will see good barrels .
North spain some small kind session.
Galicia best option around Ferrol or West coast to be more off shore on those east winds.
Portugal will see a good barreling session at Nazare and some small reefs head high session around Lisboa.
More details , send messages and i will try to answer.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The new prince of Portugal

Frederico Morais is the new up coming surfer of Europe and more , from Portugal.
After many years without Tiago Pires on the top game.
Now is thr turn of this kid.
Behind him a strong brand ( Billabong) and a fromer top surfer as a coach, Richard Marsh.
I ask some thing about for Richard right after his qalification.
nds on Facebook
Lives in Anglet
Hey mate! Congratulation for the qualification of Kikas!!! Could you answer me one queston? i would like to post something and your job is really important cause is what i work on it in Galicia and is really good father know that! Just one question in fact, cause when you just start to work with kikas you guys smash his first Hawaian season. one year i did really follow and this one was almost a noqualification and you guys went to Hawaii on a mission. could you just have one tip on how deal with this pression? thanks a lot! Hope family is good good good! my kids are all time! Merci Eric
hi eric. hope your well its not about the one event or even a season it's more about over all improvements 1/ areas that are lacking and need work 2/ improving the already solid areas. this helps you tp high light events/condition that suit your surfer. we knew fred's surfing is suited to pushy waves so we had to focus on that point while improving the rest.. cheers dog.
Haha i always says that to the kids. Keep solid what you have . And let's work the rest. Cheers bro Thanks

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Spirman surfing

I was on my kids birthday december 17 th and my partnaire Sebastian Steudtner start to say waves will be big.
I dress up on my kids birthday on spiderman and he was all stocked.
Had the dress on my car and end up bring outside .
Got a couple swaves with the dress and now my kid has a poster of spiderman surfing on his roon.
Could be a more happier father.