Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Discovering Galicia

Saw this swell a bit longger ago.
I was going to the edp Mar sem Fim awards at Lisboa and i saw Joao Guedes there ( biggest wave champ for this event )

Asked good friend Joao Guedes to come up and with an "yes"  the partner logistic was done.
My personal logistic was crazy.
Had the other of my kids traveling, saw i need get friends to take care of the kids (my student and surfer who did got a nice one Juan Fernandez´s mother helped with that).

jet ski that my good friend , the doctor Javier Cerqueiro, lend to me, wasn´t working for a while.
So, many difficults aspect on this side as batery...
And a rope inside the turbine right when we went to the water.
The plan was a couples waves at the "la toxica" , but was to big and we end up surfing this new big wave, without a name, really lose to the harbor of Portiño, Coruña.
I did a try at Aguarium Finisterrea wave and was a bit to crazy.
The wave doubles up a lot and with a side wind that start to blow to the face, made thing more dificult.
Not counting a couples feets clsoe rocks .
in the end was a great day.
Just to finish, the next day i checked all start plugs and was all bad.
Not sure how the pwc was keeping running.
Need a new one for sure.
Hope sponsor will come up soon for this side!

Any infos about this project goes to filmaker,photographer and now the project director :
Remi Berther : 0034 606759493

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