Saturday, December 22, 2012

interview Aladin USA mag

Friday, December 21, 2012

first time Belharra ?When?

Surf Session : Les vagues étaient incontestablement grosses, mais il ne s’agissait pas pour autant d’une des plus grosses sessions là-bas. Une bonne mise en jambe néanmoins ?
Peyo Lizarazu
 : C’est probablement le plus petit Belharra qu’on a eu jusqu’ici, et encore, si on peut considérer cela « petit ». Sans ce coefficient très fort autour de 100, les vagues n’auraient pas cassé, j’en suis persuadé. C’est aussi ce qui a permis de l’attaquer à la rame. Lorsque l’on se retrouvera face à un gros Belharra, ce ne sera plus gérable à la rame. D’ailleurs je tiens à préciser que pour moi, ce furent les vraies premières vagues prises à la rame à Belharra. Lorsqu’Asier Muniain (en février 2011) avait pris des vagues avec son gun, il avait bénéficié de l’aide d’un jet-ski pour le placement et pour s’élancer. Dimanche, c’était différent, les surfers ont tout fait à la rame, du placement au take-off.

This is a piece of Peyo Lizarrazu interview on
Saying : ¨ last session was the first one as Axi Munien never really paddle into it!Using pwc for placement and step off¨

Pilou du calme tried but could not ,but i am sure he will soon as he love it the paddle thing

Thursday, December 20, 2012

last issue-Revista Baobab spain

Maybe one of the last time i did tow this winter.
A bot over it. all on paddle right now..but still a beautifull shot-

50 000 prints all over Spain.

Thanks Bruno for the shot

Must of the shots came form the same sessions of this video from JAvi Pocholo: 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Belharra Paddle from the coast

Cotty, Rebiere, Fletcher

Rebiere, Sanchis


Monday, December 17, 2012

Belharra.France. PAddling surf

I did 18 hours driving on 2 and half days.
English Andrew Cotton came for we surf Galicia outer reef and in the last moment my boss from Billabong Adventure Francois Liets called me and said, come, right now to France.
I knew could be good cause my close friend Laurent Pujol who did surf there many times told me Nathan Fletcher and Dane Gudaska(both with a great vibration in the water and pushing the limits, thanks for coming boss.Helping Europeans to step up!), were here already.
Got in France did a little surf at Guetary(got a sick left in the session but the way back was gnarly as the channel is on the right).Night at my close friend Alex LAurel at Anglet and Belharra with Bilabong adventures and Tv Thalassa next day.
The highlights of the session for me was Sancho´s wipeout with Nathan´s take of(and i was eating that set,so my vision was amazing.big geant wave on the front!)
I wa sstoked on my take of as the wind came and was bumping.
Hope come back next time!!!