Thursday, August 23, 2012

PWC safety at La Voz de Galicia

This was a funny day.I met the journalist at the harbor.Took one of the to the water to explain how works the jet and why we need it.
Waves was fun and i had some.drove by the waves with him. He went for a "pluf" while a surfed and didn' t know you need to connect the key to start and the current took him far away.
I needed to paddle about 4 miles to reach him.
The photographer was another funny story.I took him by the waves and the way back wasn' t enough water to drive.To many rocks and sea plants. So i walked and pushed the pwc .(pic above).
Back cover of La Voz de Galicia.
Almost 100 000  daily copy.
outside of surf community reads everyday

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marie Claire with Guillermo Cervera

This is a coupls years old shot from La Santa left.
Still have my old  sponsor at the nose.