Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nazaré. Last big swell. Monday november ´16

Saw this nice west swell coming to Europe and knew will be a good one.
With that direction my first choice was Ireland.
Right the day I was going to go, everything ready with friends, video makers, surfer. The local federation call ON a contests and I needed to stay.
My students won under 12,under 18 and I won master and second on open division.
Found a new spot very similar to beach breaks at France.
  Contest finished 19 and Seb Studtner ask if I want to come down and work driving the sky.
5 hours down.
Got there 2 am.
6:45 first waves check.
8 I put him on this beauty.
One petty crazy double up right on first peak, by the rocks.
All day in the water and my views from the jet were :
Tom Lowe going for this one. That I even scream him to go.
Andrew Cotton chasing rights with Garret McNamara placing him right on the spot and with his amazing calling for waves.
Alex Botelho' s barriling right behind him.
And Jamie Mitchell right.
Drove back to Galicia cause have more work coaching to do.
Petty much keen to surf some next time.
With a rest before he he
Did not see Lucas Chumbo show.
But he killed it!
pics are:
Seb Studtner,
Alex Botelho and Brazilian rapper friend of mine Gabriel ö pensador¨. that showed up and had a taste of it