Sunday, November 9, 2014

Reading maps

Had one french surfer asking me on the facebook where i check the forecast.
Think we all have a favourite web to have a quick look.
I check a lot
Will get by ex Nazare.
First of all you need to learn and have your on knowledge about the spots you know and like it.
I have in my mind a bunch of them , everywhere in the world.
I like to analyze by myself, but if you don' t feel confident to it, check good webs.
webs who do have expert on it.
Like surf

Back to my own thing , i already had checked wind guru map.I saw a little wind on the wind next saturday and big swell.
So now i go to US navy web, cause they do have a satellite and not any of the others webs.

this pay can provide you swell,period,winds,isobar,...everything.
If you not want to go to far, just do a double check if windguru is right, go to sign wave heights and over the sea winds , Swell wave heights ,swell wave period..

I can even go on more details if i really see a big session approaching , checking the wind speeds when start there storm, the local countries webs for rain, like meteofrance or meteoGalicia..
Guys like Francois Liets are guys that i had learn a lot or even my ex partenaire on tow in Ben Sanchis.

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