Monday, November 10, 2014

Edouard Delpero

Years ago when i was on the ASP tour, Kanabeach was my main sponsor.
At this time one of my team mates, was a little kid from Marseille, South of France .
A place with some nice waves , but once in a while.
He moved to Biarritz and became one of the best surfer in Europe.
But what i see is not only a good surfer, but some one really polished and educated.
Many surfers have tendance to a bad road.
When i mean bad is the punk crazy style.
Don' t really like that kind of surfers.Think is bad to the sport and as a profissional, i see guys like Eduard making a better image of my sport.
Clip bellow, he show a lot of the Basque country with the company of Arthur Bourbon, another great surfer and with some literally romantic word on spanish.

follow him!!!

Por El Viento from Arthur Bourbon on Vimeo.

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