Sunday, August 7, 2016

How good is your coach?

How good is your surfing coach?
I've been teaching for 1 year now.
Many will say , one year doesn't give you that much experience .
But what about my ocean experience back up?
This photo of my student here in front of my school at Sabon beach Arteixo, show a bit what I want to explain.
High tide ..
Not many option and both first day.
Saw this wave and on my way there I was the ting to put myself in their position.
Saw i decrypted every little detail of how the wave break it..
What to to in the end to don't hit the rocks..
Why there and not by the beach ( wind was more calm and the bottom of the wave more clean. Driving the soft board without change direction as the other places).
Will be posting soon my way to stand up on the board and why,

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