Sunday, July 31, 2016

Luis Diaz hard work pays off

Was at the Coruña contest couples weeks ago and many of my old friends were there.
One of than Julian Coelho used to live a bit in my house at Lanzarote and with my neighbour Juan ël moro¨.
We talked  alot caus ehe does many training with kids at Gran Canaria.
Took him to my house as him and another kid was needing a hand.
We did a training at my academy.
Julian showing all his knowledge with many differents excersises for progress your surf.
Most of than designed by him for reentrys and airs.
We did some heats with his kid and my student Juan Fernadez.
SHared some competition tip.
Following contest his main kid Luis Diaz got on erunner up at the Junior´s at Sopelana and now crowed the us open JUnior.
A contest the names like Rob Machado and Kelly Slater won back in the days.
Only one way to follow now.. the wqs tour and keep charging as he does at giant slabs .
Good job bros! 

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