Wednesday, April 1, 2020

live 2 Jeremy Flores

Interview with Jeremy, I record after the interview my live with the iPhone and didn’t end up good. So, I make a writing resume. Had met Jeremy, long time ago when he was a 9 years old kid. And back in that time, there was events in Reunion island. And for him, see all those pros, was a extra push to become prone the future. I had ask if he lardy could see him on that level. And he answered that not really but already saw a way to live and be a professional surfer, seen all those surfers. HIs father helped a lot him on that way. With a vision on how good he will be. Bring him all over the globe. Pushing him all the time. Between laughing and good talking memories, he talked about how confident he was when qualified and his amazing 8th in the world rock of the year. Think the highlight was talk about Andy Irons and how after went to his ceremony at Kauai , his approach at pipe was always think about him and how Andy will act if was him in competition situation. Famous to be super aggressive. That make him too get to the final and in the last second he was sure, someone sent him a wave to win his first pipe master. He did again after, in 2017 and beat the favorite and reign world champ, jhonjhon Florence. More title we talk was with Gabriel Medina and his victory in Tahiti. On good conditions , they battle was priority and Gabriel end up coming back to the peak set came and he started with a 9,…something and won.. on the same game Gabriel plays. Send prays for our good friend Leo Neves. And We all send lover and hope for those on Covid 19 virus time.

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