Monday, July 18, 2016

Spanish champ

My focus is not competition for a while now.
But it is so rad when you decided to do something that you not doing for a while .
You out of your confort Zone.
And when things go wrong it is normal.. you not ready for that.. but it is always nice when things goes good.
I was the whole contest not even watching the ocean, cause my kids were all amping on a kids zone behind the contest area.
Really big thanks to Lola, that i met at the kids park and right before the final she showed up with many toyes that made my little one more easy..
My big one was alredy with her kid playing.
Really cool family as a the father is a windsurfer..
old kid a really good surfer and the cruise around on a camp van.
Surfing best beaches..
I did the wqs at Coruña right after that but wasn´t the same good vibe.
Waves were really bad and that really makes me feel like good waves is what makes surfers happier.

ROB Vaughan Surfboards

Thanks to Prado surd escola boys for the good vibe.
You can watch here at this clip:

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