Monday, January 11, 2016

Monsanto killing us

I just arrived home in Lanzarote when my friend came to me saying the owner of his house was sparying Roundup (     ) everywhere.
Next day i went to ask at the local place the helps all farmers ( and giving away this really bad pesticide).
My goal is do a eco agriculture in my land and i went to ask for the stamp of eco food.
The lady said i only need to pay 35 euros and one fiscal will come to see what kind of growing process i was using.
I ask what about if i used anything before.
the answer was not what i expected, as they don´t care if you use any products before.
Roundup, used for clean all ¨bad¨things growing could be used and they don´t care..
All peoples who is buying bio thinking they buying a good food was wrong..
watch uot!

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