Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Coruña, Galicia

Got home monday night, on a flight from Lanzarote-Gran Canaria-santiago de compostela.
Weather is way better in Galicia and i wasn´t that sad from leave Lanza..
Not only cause the wethaer, but see the kids is just something especial all the time.
Their mother is traveling right now, so i need to make sure one go to school, and the other, who is sick, have attention durng the night.
this mornig left the big one on school, pass by my surfschool in Sabon beach to see how the rebuild is going and went to check la toxica( youtube :                                                    )
Wave swere firing and i went for a surf.My friend Remi, from came to shot some video for me. And got some good ones, some wipeouts, some pull back and went back got my daughter on school.Had this great news that she has a new school to go really close to home ( she was going far away and by car every morning is a nightmare. Adn the charpentier said will start the last part of the surfschool rebuilding project friday.So a great day!

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