Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Zahara de los Atunes . Cadiz. Spain

Alex Botelho

Jon, Clandestino surf Adventure

Leny Perdomo

Caños de Meca





Zahara de los Atunes is a lovely little village almost on Gibraltar strait .
You can surf checking the Africa coast on the back. Showing how small the strait is.
This trip was a long journey for me.
I was suppose to go down to surf nazare and last minute my sponsor from Zahara , Clandestino surf adventure invite me to try this swell there.
And in my side I invited my close friend Alex Botelho.
Sure, if Nazare was a proper paddling wave, we will never miss a swell for go somewhere.
But the true is , I was confident to see some big waves option.
We did see some potential outer reefs and some really attractive slabs.
But most was touched by the strong east wind that wasn't suppose to be.
We had some fun first on this beach call Cañones de Meca and after on Zahara beach.
The cool thing on Zaharra was this Germany second war bunker really close to the peak take off that made me dream if how crazy could be staying inside checking possible enemy's attack.
Hope go back on a proper slab off shore day.

Rebiere at Zahara,

Rebiere at Caños de Meca



Rebiere Caños de Meca


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