Friday, February 20, 2015

Ferrol sunny day

 The day before this day of surfing I was with my kids at Coruña down town on full carnaval mode.
 We had the company of more kids and their mother that day and the father both 2 days before.
 3 days carnaval mission.
When I woke up and saw this sunny day and good forecast for Ferrol. With off shore north east/ east winds, make my choice Togo for a session.
Well know for most of the surfers in the world as a stop of the tour, the Patin classic WQS contest.
With big names on past winner, like world champ Joel Parkinson. I even had the taste to win myself this stop.
What surfers don't know are all the perfect surround beach breaks. With swells and winds hitting on all directions.

 Met my friends at Doniños legendary Ferrol beach .
 Waves were firing with a solid 8 feet plus on a long right.
 They said to wait for high tide and shore breaks barrels. After I had checked the sand later I told than next time we put the pwc in the water and go do some step off. I did a great little nap at tripsurfgalicia surf house .  On a perfect net place at the sun outside.
 Really need to write this, just to everyone who is not living in Galicia , make sure understand how important a sunny day is during the winter here,Normally rains and storms pact here is constantly.
 We did found this fun beach break. Session was great!!
 French body boarders Geoff , who spent a month or plus here was all smiling like me. Surfing and enjoying the sun.

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