Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nazare day

the forecast of that day was the biggest i ever saw for Nazare.A week before i was cruising at my close friend Sancho and his girlfriend at Hossegor(check step off France at youtube).
He decided to go to Nazare and as he did not had a driver and knew i went many times , invites me to be his partenaire.This is the last wave he had.A monster double up.From behind i only control myself to make sure i could pick him up.But the wave eject him so far to the beach that i wasn´t able to find him.
Drove to the rocks to make sure he wasn´t there and after 2 or 3 waves saw him.

Only got some waves that is not really the agressive ones like sancho´s.did feel good with my row board and already working on new ones.
Stoked we a lll went back safe to the harbor on a extreme giant day.

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