Friday, June 20, 2014

the ocean life

i did grew up on a place very small and by the ocean.
when i had move to europe, something that i missed a lot was my days on the ocean.
I always had play on the ocean and is something that i will really enjoy see my kids doing.
Today i went early to down tow(photo below) , and after many ours doing papers i pass by the ocean(town is by the ocean, like Honolulu), and first thing i though, i want to go for my daily 30 min sprint physio swimming.
i got to Famara and went for it.
Almost getting to the beach i saw this octopus and was fun.
I had a crazy 30 min sprint, saw it but my heartbeat was high.
I did really care cause it was going to a cave.
went down and crab with one hand.It keep going down and i could go with the other hand behind the head( as you kill them turning it).
Got home and knock the door and how funny was my friend face tripping as i left for training and came back with the octopus.

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