Friday, May 9, 2014

Russia Nixon challenge 2014

First of all, i think this is one of the best time of the year for me.
Nixon challenge , crew and the surfers team are a true cultural exchange.
We come from many countries and talking different languages.
Have stories to update and we all on Nixon new destination every year.
We go for surf , have fun between friends and try the best of our surf with this amazing atmosphere.
This year destination is Kamchatka Peninsula.
We all had a some crazy connection flights to get there.
As i post before my first stop was Amsterdam.After i had another one in Moscow.
I got there 4:30 am .My credit card never work and i was thinking stay 12 hours on the airport alone.
Had some Reais from my last trip in Brazil and change on some horrible rating.
Got a message from one of the crew organizer saying all other coming that day.
The whole crew finished going to the red square before the late connection flight.
I felt been in a intense historical place.

photo: Laurel

when we arrive we all trip cause as soon as you leave the plane you go straight to the car parking outside of the terminal.
And you need go through one door with your bag ticket to pick up the luggage.
Hotel first impact and city was a bit choking.Must of all outside construction are not finished and needing some fix.


We all pack inside a big truck and left to the hour way to the beach o a very bad off road.
Truck house


Anton , the local, really took care of us.

The beach break was a long beach, with mountains view behind.Really fun for surf. breaking almost in the same time.
we had a small but consistent first day.
And way bigger and fun second one, that we all recognize we shouldn't never left the beach think will be better the next day with the off shore coming.
That really happened , but waves weren't solid 5 feet anymore, just an small 2/3 feet.
We camping that night on a minus 5 celsius. A night mark on everyone life's.
we all stay together, eating, drinking, sleeping, playing with ball, chess, quad...
Amazing time between friends.
elena the cook did some of the best plates and make our stay even better.
had fun surfng.Best wave i had was a fun barrel combo with a floater.

Brazilian Jiu-jistu adction

fresh Cod fish
morning iced board after the camping night

the truck has a heather inside, and after every session we all warmed up our body on surf 3 degrees celsius water temperature. And was the talking stories and laugh time.

beach view on the right
Sunset beach view behind

Salmon color show us how bad are the ones we eat back in home now.They have 15 different kind and Kepa Acero here bellow told me that june start the season.He learned that on his trip to Alaska( ).Back there he even could get the salmon with his hand.He told me there is so many that the river became red.

kepa telling me stories

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