Monday, May 26, 2014

Outer reef Azores-

Very happy with João de Macedo win at outer reef Santana in Azores, during edp Mar sem fim expedition.
First of all, congrats buddy!
That day João was charging a very bumpy day out in the ocean.
The spot is between 1 to 2 km out in the ocean.
We went driving the pwc from Rabo de Peixe harbor .
Little mission, cause every time waves pick up , fishermen park their car on the ramps.
We lucky our friend and experience life guard Marco Medeiro was with us and made all clean in a minutes.
First i got there, João was getting that first left he won Portugal's biggest wave this year.
I jumped in the water just after that wave and we both sit in the middle of the ocean.
João was charging any set.
I was a bit with no confidence on my board.
Every wave i got i felt all the bumps.
I remember tell him to be careful. Not about the size, cause was big but not giant, but about the bumps.
After couple waves, he got a sick right and in the end he lost the back foot on a bump.
Stretching his knee.
Swell was only 12 feet that day.
I think the day will be bigger and clean, we will surf an amazing giant wave.

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