Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Brazilian jiu-jitsu no surf by Sergio Vita

Black belt Sergio Vita talking at Fueltv about how good is bjj for surf.
I can tell on my own cause i training in his team Icon with my master Ze Marcello and
one really important thing he said and i totally say is right , is about the mental part.
I could tell the physical, but every one who does sport can have a good physical ready ,but on bjj your head get stronger.
I fell a lot that on big surf.Is big i fell like i am ready in my mind.

Sergio Vita at Fueltv

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Unknown said...

Personally I am good at surf because I am a student of Mixed Martial Arts and my part is Brazilian Jiu_jitsu. I agree with you because Mixed Martial Arts is a great game for fitness and self defense. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Connecticut