Saturday, May 4, 2013

XXL winners and what affect future

Shane Dorian is now the main guy on big wave surf.
He came to europe this year and that affect a lot my way to see big surf.
How he train hard to be fit and need less oxygen. Breath techniques between sets,the important of safety ...and the best thing i d learn with him, boards..He will be in the top for many year still and i am thankful to see close how he does and will be try my best next winter!

Shawn Dollar, never really heard about this guy and a wave bigger than the ones in tow-in .. crazy ..
That makes really think about never use my PWC for tow-in on huge wave..only for safety and slabs.

Keala...Chick got the only barrel i saw at Jaws in the s that?
Greg is a well prepared  big wave surfer.He will be on top for many and many years!

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