Saturday, November 17, 2012

barreling Galicia

Just back home from 5 days no stop on the road.
Left home tuesday for 8 h drive up north to ¨rias altas¨first secret stop to this barreling trip on Galicia.
Got there and could check the waves from up on the hill and was flat.
With me, charger kid Alex Botelho.
Always humble and polished..and always ready to surf any wave any where on any size.
W e met there with Surfeurope photographer and friend Alex Laurel and Mathieu.
Life guard and surfer.
Went to sleep with that image of a clean ocean but a bit small.
All gone next morning when we did check the waves and was pumping.
We decided to tow, cause was a dry reef and after when the day was over we were both think we could paddle on one close wave from the one we surf that might could be able for some good stuff.
Next morning we drove all the way back to Baiona/Oia to surf la selvage or f3.
I d call local boy and crazy surfer Cristian Perez who did confirm will be good and Alex got a full on session for him as he did not know how to drive yet (first time tow-in, but we will work o it), and a did put him on a bunch of waves.
Next morning way up north again to Coruña to la toxica.
The bar for tapas i use to go and they start to know me..good vibe.

The new slab..
Had a talk to Locals pastelero and Fran Aguilar and both said good but good.
was not the perfect but some funny wypeouts and pull ins.
Stoked about this short trip and more than that , we did see some crazy outer reef for a future paddle mission and we will be back soon only with the big boards to do it.
As swell are no stop now in Europe.
Sick surf from Andrew Cotton and Garret on the same swell at Nazare too!!

last year session..this year way bigger

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