Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jay Moriarty

Long time ago at Lojifuji, one of many resort at MAldives just before lunch time i decide to  walk around to make time and go lunch straight.
The resort is in  small island where a perfect left is and tell what, nothing to do as surf or dive.
I always love to dive as my parents lived in a beach front long time ago and my sister and me used to dive since we young.
I walk to the harbor  to to a little check there as is the closest place to see something nice by the restaurant.
In my way to the end of the harbor i see Eneko Acero with his dive mask.
I know him for a long time and really like his happiness of life.
Straight he offer me the mask saying he was done and he was going to eat ,i said i was going to eat too, just want to check the end of the harbor.
we talked about the contest, the heats going on just around the corner and he told me Jay was diving in the end of the harbor but he couldn´t follow him as he was to deep under the water.
He try it but he only saw him way down the bottom and looks like he was holding his breath training on a Yoga position.
I walked to the end trying to see something and came back.
If was in this days i will be way more scared than before to his life as now as i training a lot apnea i know you can black out easier.
Wasn´t the case and Eneko and i, next day when we knew the bad news about he drowing had that discution and he told me, Eric i could get to the bottom that deep he was..but sure, we might call some one that could.
One thing i learned , i never go deep diving anymore when i am alone spearfishing.
Jay movie is going out today and i will watch and remembered that happiness on his face.

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