Wednesday, October 10, 2012

beach break part II River mouth

After talked about the bottom of Graviere and had surf there last week i have a great session clsoe to where a live now.
This time on a river mouth bank.
As the name says, is when a river is full of raining water or from many month not been opened and when that happens makes a sand bank just there where the sand had been opened to push the river water out..
Mundaka is a river mouth and the most famous one.
This session made me remind that spot..
Best barrel i saw was from Local legend Tiago PIres.We were surfing by it self at the last 30 min light.Both had break boards and both got a sick barrel..
Swell just change direction and not gonna work for a while now and bank might change too.
big thanks to Pedro Mestre photographer..

really hard paddle out..

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