Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cave and fever

I've been sick the last 2 days.
Think my daughter Uma  pass me the sickness..well daddy' s life.
Woke up this morning and off shore wind and north swell.
Got to Coxos around 9:30am and saw a couple waves of local boy Miguel Fortes and Rato..
I knew Cave will be good and from Coxos saw a couple nice one.
Had call Surfportugal boss and close friend Joao Valente and he came shot some shots..
Get ready, ewetsuits..helmet..and when i got on the rocks to paddle out the best thing in surf happened..
wind changed!!

Went back to Coxos.couples waves..Crazy Left couples better waves but worst wind and left really sad after saw a perfect Cave and don' t surf..
Fever is ok..this is the only good think of the day!
Nothing better than surf to make you feel better!


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