Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Viana do Castelo high level surf seminary

This week during the cup of Portugal i had the pleasure to participate of a important seminary for the future of surf in north of Portugal.
They just build one of the biggest training structure for surf in the world at Cabedelo beach.
I was invite to talk about how important are the training for surfers(and after the seminary the play one of my videos at Irland if that crazy wipeout : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa9_C_qA3ZA).
And i said a lot about how often are the waves around this area getting swells from many diferents directions.
Many young kids listening too, and for sure, all that i said was more for than.Cause they are the future of this area and the ones in  a couples years moving surf forward. 
Pic left to right : Viana do Castelo president, surf trainer, mayor political local rep, Portugal federetion president, myself, Viana surf club vice-president.

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Edy García said...

Nice news Eric, it seems that in Portugal authorities worry about surf, excepting the sad thing at Ericeira with Tiago O surfclub. In Spain we can't say the same, lots of surf schools but just to enjoy the summertime, i think we need centers to train like Cabedelo will.

Congrats for the seminary.