Thursday, June 28, 2012

Surfeurope _ Mavericks

I like a lot this shot..not cause is Mavericks and i really don' t think i charged as i want there and even don' t think that what was a radical drop.
Was one of those to big for the guys waiting at the spot and i was coming back from my best wave i had there.
I like dthis shot cause my friend and the guy who i was staying with at his house is eating shit on the top of the wave..only can see his board.
And the other surfer looking at me is another firend who i met there and is a really good surfer there.
Alex Martins.
We all in a same photo!
Good friends!
Congrats Alex for the new baby and hurry Joao to have one, you getting old,auhauauauahauha

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