Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nixon family

One more year with the challenge.
this time with wife and baby(Elena and Uma).
For me, this is not only a contest, but a real meeting with friends that rip!
I was stoked to see Teiva and had a good time with him, with Miky,Manu and Fredo, cause i don' t see then that much.
Stoked to know a bit more the PT crew(Kikas,Lucas and Joaquin).
My crew that i see always was there as sancho,yanok and my Lanzarote family the Erlandsen.
Had a good time partying with Jose Maria..saw Jose Vicente as a crazy shoting photographer..and "ma man" laurel as easy as always!
Will miss this good time.i am missing already!
More news at Nixon website or Nixon facebook Europe!

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