Saturday, April 30, 2011

24h of surf History

My story will mix my way to California to a surf world and European history.
I arrived at the airport thursday night.When was my turn the front desk guy told me to find one internet at the airport for a new paper calls ESTA that you need to go in the USA.
I went and did it, when i came back the check-in was close and i start to see option to go.
fter 3 airlines try i change to another terminal and bought a new ticket to Los Angeles.
I knew i need go.
We and my partenaire were in 3 nomination and i new Belharra will win for sure.
In the plane i was thinking about that day and i remember many funny things.
We wake up early but got 2 hours to launch te sky at Hendaie.
Normaly we do in ST Jean, but wa to low tide and we need to go t this other place.
When we got there we decided to stay under everybdy, not in te peak and looks like our choice give us this surf European and  world history thing.
I am stoked!
I am not on the front name but is all about a partenaire to et this waves.
And i tink our energy in that day give us that wave,cause 2 other teams were on it and decided not go in the end.
I just put sancho up and drive him by the side, not like normaly we do following the wave.
Hope we will keep the same flow energy and do many other things next winter in Europe and in new waves we found!

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