Sunday, February 13, 2011

two weeks...of prefectscoring!!

Roads are somethings that i don't like that much,but when looking for new waves is different.
Galicia was 3000 km of crazy small roads with my wife and baby,not forget my friend, crazy, sleep sancho,that back was always sleeping at the bed behind my transporter.
Yes, we did,we found anew wave and we will score way more days in that spot.
Funny things happened like: a small hotel in the midle of no where and with peoples helping us to find new waves,to put ski in the water in a perfect beach empty conner with one tractor.
sancho needed a fast move inside the boards a couple times for cops don't see him behind and we skeep the ticket.
And al that is over and way different than what we have now in Irland with crazy big barrels.close to the hotel,ski ready and just needing to charge.
will post pictures soon!

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