Friday, November 5, 2010

Andy Irons

I was going to Gran Canaria with my wife, dad and 3 month daugther and when i got there i receive one message from my close friend Patrick Beven.
My wife got the phon eand ask me.who is Andy?
I said, i know a feels but the Ändy¨ is the Irons one.
And i told her who he was.I just said simple, world champ and for me the best big wave surfer competitor. My wife and dad are not in the surf thing so i eed a long time to made a short Andy´s story.
We went around the village trying to find a hotel in the middle of the night and with this terrible notice.
I met him long time ago, but he wasn´t really my close friend but friend of all my friend.
Bruce was a lot with us when he came to his last French tour event and i felt one day a really cool person.
Some one that you what to stay close.
I start the tour in ¨97 when i was 18 and Andy too.
Saw him in Peru and ask who was that guy?
After that we had a man a man session at v-land and i could met him better.
Last summer saw him in France cause our sponsor Nixon was doing one party to our friend sancho.
He look realy happy to me and now i knew his kid is coming and i really give a intense good vibration to his wife more then any one else.
I just had my baby and is the must beautifull thing in the world and we all will happy to see this new life coming.
Be a strog mother!
God take your soul bro!

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