Wednesday, September 1, 2010

long weekend

The weekend start at this Vigo slab.(shot from bruno Novoa),after i went to madrid saturday mornig to this Sardenia contest that i post before this,sunday.
Monday i went all the way up to find spots in Corse,but all day driving for nothing.
Tuesday,back to north of Sardenia,i surfed this new wave tat the locals told me that nobody surfed before(shots will be in mags,crazy right close to the rocks), ans they told me to put a name on it.So i choose Uma,as my daughter´s name.
Back to madrid tuesday night and drive all night to Galicia where my wife and baby is and ready to go tow this slab,caue i am over of wypeouts there!

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Hacomar Diepa Perdomo. said...

Soo cool to conquer a new wave and name it with the daughter's name.